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Batman Not a Cyborg!
Pentagon denies charges that Batman is a genetically engineered government cyborg agent using alien technology from Area 51

Colonel David Geoffy of the U.S. Army Public Affairs Office strenuously denied allegations by Gotham City News that Gotham has become a testing ground for a secret government operation codenamed OPERATION: BATMAN....more

Wayne/City Battle for Credit on the Jobs Boom
Wayne Tower, Wayne Plaza and Wayne Tech:
Leading the Charge to a New Gotham

The repairs of the Wayne One train station, construction of the new Wayne Tower and Wayne Plaza provided a quick injection of jobs when Gotham most needed it, but what becomes of those jobs now that construction is complete?  That's what Mayor Anthony Garcia asked Wayne CFO Lucius Fox at the Gotham Business Leaders luncheon last May, and this week the multi-national corporation responded with Wayne Enterprises/Wayne Tech/Wayne Foundation Jobs Fair.

"While construction is a specialized field," said Fox, "the diversity of positions available in the Wayne operations is extensive, and with Foundation programs facilitating re-training, we can virtually guarantee some type of employment for anyone who wants a job.   ...more

Alien Nymphomaniacs
It's Bikini Babes and Underwear Models from Space!

Rooftop Orgy in FiDi
Hotel Belle Monico's rooftop cocktail lounge used by penthouse guests for after hours sexcapades.

Return of the Rogues Cowboy

"New logo" is not new at all.  It returns the original Gotham Rogues Cowboy/Bandit and wipes out the hideous godawfulness of that stupid mobster gun! ...more

Can we stop pretending the change in the Rogues logo has anything to do with corporate bigfooting or political correctness and admit it's just about selling more merchandise? ...more

Dent Act signed into law.

More Layoffs at GCN
New Direction programming proves disastrous

Nobody seems to care for Gotham City News' "new direction," but you try telling them!  The switch to "The 24/7 Batman Hate-On Station" came after parent company, the GCN Media Group, settled a storm of lawsuits arising from the Gotham General Hospital bombing.

The new direction has been a disaster, losing viewers in record numbers.  The sale of WCDE Radio followed, resulting in the loss of 94 jobs.  GCN then embarked on what many call a punitive campaign to punish ex-viewers for not accepting the new direction.  ...more

The Fire Still Rises

The Gotham Rogues have created quite a stir with the announcement that the facelift currently underway at Gotham Stadium will extend to the team logo as well.  Wayne Enterprises and other corporate sponsors underwriting the stadium expansions raised concerns that the handgun in the logo of The Gotham Rogues football franchise was not the best symbol for a city emerging from the kind of mob violence Gotham has been prey to. 

While the announcement drew criticism from the NRA, controversy within Gotham has centered around The Rising Fire, nickname of the feared and famous Gotham Rogues offensive line as well as the fan practice rallying them on by waving the distinctive yellow Rogue Rag in the stands.

Thomas Uslan, owner of the popular sports bar The Rising Fire in downtown Gotham is typical of Rogues fans in saying "If you're not in the stands waving the Rogues Rag and chanting the fire to rise, you're not a real Rogues fan!  Eliminating the Rogues Rag and The Rising Fire rally would mean the end of an era."  Gotham Rogues spokesman Michael Tull assures fans that, regardless of the new logo and mascot, #12, 88, 82, 75 will remain The Rising Fire and fans will continue to rally Foster, Innes, Roven and Embree by waving their Rogue Rags.

The Emperor's New Shoes
It seems while Bruce Wayne was in Italy picking out his new Lamborghini, he bought a pair of shoes on Via Tornabuoni.  When he got back to Gotham, his new loafers weren't broken in yet, and because the poor man limped a little on his way into the Tommy Hilfiger party, Perez Hilton started telling everyone Wayne suffered a serious back injury.  Give it up, Perez! 

The Emperor's New Wheels
Speaking of the new Lambo, Wayne's new ride has become a familiar sight arriving at nightclubs, restaurants and private parties in a frenzy of paparazzi cameras, and our Page 6 spies say his inner circle are sick of hearing the young playboy boast of the new Aventador's superiority to his old (famously crashed) Murcielago.  Rumors say Gotham's busy midtown streets are not the only place Wayne's new wheels have been seen, however.  He's been spotted drag racing with a second purple Lambo in the mountain roads above Bristol. ...more

GOTHAM Weather

I have to laugh at the quasi-feminist whackjobs out there boosting your circulation with their "complaints" whenever you run a story that involves a sexually liberated woman enjoying her sexuality.  I notice these crazy bloggers celebrate stories of prostitution and exploitation.  They must think that's hard journalism.  But a woman having sex for fun, that offends them?

I know you're enjoying the circulation they bring you whenever they tear their hair and froth at the mouth.  But I hope you also take time out to have a mean-spirited laugh at their expense.  I know I do.

GCN's Shame
GCN had every right to put Coleman Reese on the air during the Joker-Batman Crisis.  His claim to know The Batman's identity constituted a major development in an unfolding story.  As a journalist, I would be the first to defend Gotham City News if they had the journalistic integrity to defend themselves. Their eagerness to settle lawsuits arising from the Gotham General Hospital explosion, however, cast serious aspersions on ...more

Market Watch
WayneTech 11045.28 +6.91
STAR L&R 2133.67 +2.20
LexCorp 1250.55 -6.06


Falstaff's Sink
Gregorian Falstaff continues to deny charges that Falstaff Inc.'s move into Gotham and renovation of the Knickerbocker Tower was engineered to "interact as little as possible" with the Gotham economy and make as little contribution as possible to the city's industries at a time when jobs ...more

Wayne's Sly Fox  At an age when most executive officers are just coming into their prime, Lucius Fox is already a legend.  Branson Billings profiles the Wayne Enterprises CFO. ...more

Restoration at Last for Gotham Landmark
Hopes were high in 2005 that the ambitious plans drawn up by Johns Engineering could save the crumbling RH Kane building after years of mismanagement had rotted away virtually every aspect of the once-proud icon of Gotham City from the facade right down to the foundation.  This column was the first to raise concerns that The Dini-Morrison Group tasked with the job lacked the fundamental understanding to execute it.  Indeed, what followed was a full-out assault on the sensibilities of Gotham that seemed intended to drive people out of the city completely. How many millions were wasted, we wonder, and how much bad will was created by the incompetence or willful malice of D-M and their subcontractors?

With not only the great legacy of RH Kane but the entire neighborhood in danger of demolition, the City Council finally stepped in.  A new Johns operation is underway, and the most egregious offenses have been nullified, but will it be enough?  Or is it a case of too little too late? ...more


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